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Matthew Carter a-z Portfolio Design

I recently collaborated with type designer Matthew Carter and master printer James Stroud of Center Street Studio to create a portfolio of 26 lower-case letters derived from designs Carter has produced during his 50-year career. I designed the portfolio box that contains the prints and the booklet of Carter's notes on each typeface's design. The booklet's Japanese-inspired binding reflects the regulating lines of type design.

View the complete portfolio on Center Street Studio's website

Read more about Matthew Carter from the Boston Globe

2017, Design: Folded and Wrapped

Bracelets, packaging, boxes, and wearables

I have been exploring hand-made and decorative paper and experimenting with their applications as "wearables." I took some of my well-developed design themes and applied them in forms that people can use as accessories, much in the way technology has been experimenting with small packages convenient for people to carry and wear. 

See the gallery of decorative papers here

Current Abstraction, Exhibition in Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery at Bristol Community College

Work from my Color Equation etching monoprint series, Dot Variants monotype series, and Pointarray Klee monotypes appeared in the Current Abstraction exhibition alongside Marc St. Pierre, Robert Kirschbaum, and Scott Reeds in June 2017. The exhibition, curated by Kathleen Hancock, was both a celebration of a conceptual approach to making print, painting, and sculpture as well as real-world sources from which artists derive their work.

Read more on the exhibition at BCC's website


Dot Variants published by Oehme Graphics

I made the trip out to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in summer 2016 to make a new monotype series, Dot Variants, with master printer Sue Oehme of Oehme graphics. Over the course of a week, I produced 30 prints that study the variation of color, space, and pattern when their interactions are combined at-random, inspired by the repetition and compositional processes of musical composers like John Cage and Johann Sebastian Bafch.

Read more about the project at Art in Print

Find out more information, including purchasing, from Oehme Graphics' website

Research: Offset Monotypes

I have been experimenting with an A.B. Dick Offset Lithography Press to produce varied, decorated papers that I am incorporating into my work in book arts. The press was originally produced around 1890 for mass-production printing using printing cylinders and continuous feeds on ink. I repurposed the press' intended use of duplicate printing to instead create unique images, but while maintaining the press' original high-speed production output. Experimentation with the press produced a wide variety of papers which I then incorporated into my book arts.

See the gallery of decorative papers here.

June 21, 2014: Relief Print Monotype

New experiments with Sentra and relief print monotypes.

June 21, 2014: New Bedford Art Museum

Synergy: Ocean Stories group exhibition is on display all summer! Click the invitation below or follow this link to see the complete details on the New Bedford Art Museum's website.

March 2014: Visiting Artist at Boston University

Janine Wong and James Stroud (Center Street Studio) presented books and book structures to first year graduate students for their collaborative project with Boston–area poets.




January 14, 2014: Janine Wins the Member Exhibition Award at College Book Arts Association (CBAA)

Janine's book, Bloom, won Member Exhibition Award at the CBAA conference, chosen by curators Betty Bright and Daniel Kelm. Over 250 works were presented at the CBAA conference and over 100 were included in the exhibition.

See more of Bloom here.

January 1, 2014: Panel for the College Book Arts Association (CBAA)

Janine will be on a panel at for the College Books Arts Association, Gathering, Linking, Impressing: When Less Is More, at the University of Utah Salt Lake from January 1-5, 2014.

About the panel:

Four book arts teachers discuss how they use a limited number of classes to create synergies and a broader appreciation of the book arts in the higher education setting. The four panelists offer related but differing perspectives on how they operate and continue to develop book arts programs at their institutions.

Panel Members:

Kerri Cushman, Longwood University

Paula Jull, Idaho State University

Jessica Spring, Pacific Lutheran University

Janine Wong, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Click the image to go to the event web page.

Click the image to go to the event web page.