June 21, 2014: Relief Print Monotype

New experiments with Sentra and relief print monotypes.

June 21, 2014: New Bedford Art Museum

Synergy: Ocean Stories group exhibition is on display all summer! Click the invitation below or follow this link to see the complete details on the New Bedford Art Museum's website.

March 2014: Visiting Artist at Boston University

Janine Wong and James Stroud (Center Street Studio) presented books and book structures to first year graduate students for their collaborative project with Boston–area poets.




January 14, 2014: Janine Wins the Member Exhibition Award at College Book Arts Association (CBAA)

Janine's book, Bloom, won Member Exhibition Award at the CBAA conference, chosen by curators Betty Bright and Daniel Kelm. Over 250 works were presented at the CBAA conference and over 100 were included in the exhibition.

See more of Bloom here.

January 1, 2014: Panel for the College Book Arts Association (CBAA)

Janine will be on a panel at for the College Books Arts Association, Gathering, Linking, Impressing: When Less Is More, at the University of Utah Salt Lake from January 1-5, 2014.

About the panel:

Four book arts teachers discuss how they use a limited number of classes to create synergies and a broader appreciation of the book arts in the higher education setting. The four panelists offer related but differing perspectives on how they operate and continue to develop book arts programs at their institutions.

Panel Members:

Kerri Cushman, Longwood University

Paula Jull, Idaho State University

Jessica Spring, Pacific Lutheran University

Janine Wong, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Click the image to go to the event web page.

Click the image to go to the event web page.